Welcome to our website! We create your custom made jewelry in 10k 14k 18k or any other gold content.

There is almost no limit on what kind of jewelry we can make, send us your information with your reqeust and we will see what we can do.

Exquisite Jewelry custom made for you!

We make beautifull jewelry for children, adults or even pets!

All jewelry is made out of 10k 14k or 18k!. We can also make a custom gold content like 22k or even 24k. Of course prices for a custom made 24k jewelry are significantly higher. Standard jewelry with Gemstones are set with Zirkonias but we can also use real diamonds in different cutting styles, like Emerald, Rose cut, Marquise or even rough uncut stones!

Your unique piece of jewelry!

Laser Cutting

Hand Crafting

Quality Results!

Our Advantages

We use high Quality Gold content! You can choose different colors of gold from rose, yellow and white. 10k 14k 18k Or even 20 - 22k up to pure 24k gold.

We can set Zirkonia or Real Diamonds! By default custom jewelry come with zirkonia stones. Diamonds can come in different Clarity and Colors Prices can vary widely depending on Cut, Color, Clarity etc.

Professional Crafstman and lasercutting. We can do both laser cut and craft by hand. Years of experience will make you satisfied about our work!


Custom Jewelry

For a custom Request contact us on this mail.

Send your example and request to. custom@customjewelry.eu

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